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Wednesday, March 15, 2017


4. Share some of your best ideas for building relationships and a culture of trust in your position?
Building relationships and creating learning culture of trust produces a more rewarding work environment. Whenever people feel like they can reach out to one another for help and support, individuals begin to operate as teams. Schools that encourage these qualities of collaboration also see growth in school culture, student outcomes, and job satisfaction. Success begins when we first create an environment where people know why they come to work, how their roles are defined, and what they can do to develop their strengths. Before school starts I make every effort to touch base with staff on a personal level. Showing that you care about what staff do after school hours makes them realize that there are other priorities in their lives. Quick chats can be as simple from going to the gym or what they watched on TV last night. Sometimes these subtle conversations lead to school and you learn about how they are doing in their classroom. You can determine if they are moving forward or if they are working through difficult issues. You must seek the input of others along the way and reflect on how are you frequently teaming, collaborating, and talking with others.

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