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Wednesday, March 15, 2017


“Schooling” refers the act of being in school for the purposes of what happens therein. “Learning” refers to the acquisition of knowledge, or skills through experiences, study, or being taught. With this, the focus should be on learning. Every child can learn, and it is up to us to help each of them find his/her ideal learning environment and flourish in it. If the emphasis is on schooling, then students are forced to participate in school regardless of their learning styles.
Personalized education is the key to learning, and any truly great education ultimately boils down to learning that is personalized, individualized and founded on a deep love of learning.
Every time I look at this graphic I can only infer as to “where schools are today” and “where schools should be.”

Here is my attempt to combine the statements to make something new:

1.       “School promotes developing your own questions and finding answers.”
2.       “School is about developing producers”
3.       “School promote sharing your passions and developing your interests”
4.       “School is about questioning beliefs”
5.       “School always takes place where you are”
6.       “School is shared and collective”
7.       “School is personalized”
8.       “School promotes that everyone is a learner”
9.       “School is about making personalized connections”
10.   “School promotes current and real-life experiences”    
11.   “School promotes deep learning”

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