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Friday, December 18, 2015

The Surprising Truth About Learning in Schools

I recently just shared, The Surprising Truth About Learning in Schools, by Will Richardson and it was interesting to hear his comments about the learning conditions in schools of today and they are very similar to our own when we went to school. He goes on about the disconnect in what we believe and what we practice. The learning that the kids do are on their own is different from the learning they do in schools. Do our physical environments promote engaging conditions for deep learning for our students?

Friday, December 11, 2015

Character Building

At ISTE 2015 in Philadelphia this past summer one of the attendees I was speaking with had asked me to describe my school. My quick elevator pitch response was, “A Culture of Collaboration” because as you walk into the school you can feel this character.

Character-building is becoming an increasingly important issue for schools. In my last post I, my focus was that schools are concentrating their energies on securing passes on EQAO have given too little attention to the overall development of the child and their character. The scramble for results has also been at the cost of genuine learning and creative teaching. We should embrace character-building and all-round education not as an alternative to academic attainment but as an essential adjunct of it.