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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Lead Learner

We just finished our second round of #PLT's (Principal Learning Team) Visits in our schools. We observed that specific learning was taking place and it is apparent that the Lead Learner is the principal.

When the Principal can demonstrate his/her learning, the school will take his/her lead learning of direction.  This culture the Principal promotes is advocated by the community and is benefited by all stakeholders.

In most of these schools, I witness how technology is being utilized and in a variety of different levels. Students are engaged, collaborating, differentiated, have choice, and are able communicate why they are using the technology.

My entire career I have supported the use of technology and how it is being used as a tool.  As part of deep learning #NDPL,  I cringe at comments when some of my colleagues question the way technology is being used in the classroom and they reference "pedagogy first, technology second. I wonder if they fully understand the technology and boldly respond, "well at least it is being used and these teachers will replace those teachers who are not."

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