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Sunday, August 20, 2017


Over 500 Principals and Vice-Principals from the province took time out of their summer vacation and attended Technology-Enabled Learning & Leading Institute 2017. It is great to see so many dedicated educators learning two weeks before the return to school.

The main speaker of the event was Jennifer Casa Todd @JCasaTodd. As she shared with us her book Social LEADia: Going Deeper with School Social Media Accounts. Many of her comments resonated with me in my attempt as an educator to promote 21st Century Learning.

This is my fourth summer institute and the movement of educators using Social Media to enhance learning in their schools has grown significantly. Almost of the group as of today vs. about 20% of the group at that time are now using a Social Media platform.

Moving from DigitalCitizenship to Digital Leadership must be modeled through educators. I have met many great educators that use Social Media on-line and in person: George Couros @gcouros, Dr. Alex Couros @courosa, Dr. Brad Gustafason @GustafsonBrad, Lisa Anne-Floyd @lisaannefloyd, and Brian Aspinall @mraspinall. Their abilities to share learning and the opportunities for professional learning using Social Media is tremendous.

Promoting Digital Citizenship happens 24/7 as it improves the lives, well-being, and circumstances of others. As educators we need to share and promote with our students what are appropriate responses, videos, and ideas.

Interacting with our communities on what is happening in our schools should be in real time; making it current and transparent. Either through Facebook, Twitter, and/or Remind, the sharing of video newsletters, live calendars, or sending out information is essential to informing our parents. Being positive, empowering voice, creating a digital footprint, and giving credit when sharing ideas of others is a step in the right direction toward Digital Leadership. 

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