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Friday, March 10, 2017


Learning from colleagues and the sharing of resources is the biggest strength we have for our own professional growth. The most valuable thing I get from my PLN is the openness that educators are willing to try something new. We just finished our second round of #PLT's  (Principal Learning Team) Visits and the alignment of our 21st Century Learning system goals has provided our schools with direction that innovation can be the norm.
In my own school community I have had several opportunities to make some changes in the learning of staff, students and parents. It is not about having to change these stakeholders, it simply understanding the world is changing. Fostering collaboration with others will inspire growth. Not always fast, but small movements toward innovation. As administrators we need to provide pathways of thinking to ensure that our teachers have the resources to learn, create, and innovate and grow in this direction. This is our biggest challenge to be able to think of new ways and do it better.
Classroom teachers want to change and the need support of their principals.  As an administrator you need to promote your teachers to take risks and try new ideas without having them worry about covering all of the curriculum. As an administrator you need to find that balance between your experiences and the willingness to try something new. Failure is easier to question and challenge!! With anything new and different this can seem threatening. However, if you don't try and tinker with your ideas you will not know "What is Best For This Learner?"

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