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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Vikings Learning Research Space

Our Vikings Learning Research Space is unique, reflecting on the available resources and the needs of the students who use it. Converting the physical space of the library will empower students in using a wide variety of hands-on activities. This will develop a mindset that values voice, choice, playfulness, experimentation, collaboration and community. Diversity of activities is crucial to the design, making, and exploration process. By offering a broad range of equipment and materials such as Arts, Chess, Drama, Lego, Robotics, Textiles, and 3D Printing we would be meeting our students interests.

Having space that is functional is key in a school setting and is important for a range of ages. The new space is accessed by all 200 students from Grades K-8. In the beginning stages, the converted space will be used for extra-curricular to explore student common interest such as Art, Drama, Chess, and Robotics Clubs. Once we become comfortable in this setting, students will use the space during the school day in a scheduled class time with their teacher from year to year. Other opportunities may arise to maximize utility of the space after school or evenings and weekends. 

Itemized Budget Breakdown

The investing in building skills and knowledge has been a directive for our school. Through the direction or our 21 C team made up of students, staff, and parents, the school identified 3 short-term stages: 

Phase I - Physical Changes - October 2016 - February 2017 
Phase 2- Implementation/Monitoring - February- April 2017 
Phase 3-Review and Assess- May 2017 

Modules Items Cost Makeover Painting $500.00 Storage Shelving/Bins $2,000.00 Electronics Tools/Materials Robotics $3,200.00 Textiles Tools/Materials/Controllers $1,300.00 3D Printing $3,000.00 Totals $10,000.00 



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