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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Social Media has changed me...

Social Media has changed me as an educator. My ideas and practices are validated on regular basis making me more confident as educator in my school community. I am always struck by the number of people who willing to share their ideas when researching to validate my thinking to find better ways to run the school. 

When I need help, I always got to Social Media for my answers. The large variety of contacts are always willing share their knowledge and expertise and don’t feel hampered by the requests(s). The support is out there you just have to look and ask for it. These resources are widely available, they are current, and the exchange of ideas help me grow as a reflective learner.

Communicating through social media in our school community has increased the engagement piece. Having teacher’s share their students learning took some time setting up with consent forms. However, the benefits of this change has made our school learning transparent, reflective in sharing the successes and challenges.

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