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Friday, November 18, 2016

21st Century Learning Foundations & 21st Century Learning Conditions

The school just completed its 1st round of Professional Learning Network visit and the principal team observed all the high-level of learning. It is evident that the teachers are incorporating the 21stC Learning Foundations (What we want our learners to be able to do?) and embracing the Learning Conditions (How can we create these conditions to support all learners?) as part of our strategic plan.
In the midst of the demand and stress of Progress Reports, the teachers here continue to show a responsibility toward their and commitment on what we want our students to experience: the 21st C Learning Foundations: Belonging (sense of connections), Engagement (sense of involvement), Expression (sense of listening and being heard) and Well-Being (sense of self). Moreover, they are creating conditions that are supporting all learners: Responsive Relationships and Interactions, Learning Through Exploration and Inquiry, Environment Supports Learning and Thinking Pedagogical Documentation and Reflective Practice.

As we move toward the next round of SIP we are keeping in mind that are our students going to be able to build these competencies and continue to focus on: Voice, Choice, Classroom Reflection, Opportunities For Innovation, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Self-Assessment, and Connected Learning.

The community already observes this evidence of 21st C learning through the teacher’s Social Media feeds. As we move toward our Celebration of Learning next week the community will be able to share in this “Culture of Collaboration” experience on this day.

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