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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Character Education

After a couple of weeks of EQAO testing, our school returned back to normal. Many thanks to the teachers for their dedication in getting the students ready for the testing, the students working through the tasks each day, and the remaining stakeholders accommodating their needs.  However,  it was great see the real deep learning going with inquiry, guitars playing during music , and the entire school preparing for annual Track and Field Day. 

Our annual Track and Field Day took place on Thursday June 9 and it was a perfect day. It was great see all of the parents from the communities support their own and other children on this day. Lots of hard work goes into co-ordinating this and kudos to Dan Solinas and Colleen Hogan. The learning that goes on here out ways many lessons take place in school.  Several character traits are exhibited on this day without us overtly teaching them and is the learning is real:

A few more weeks to go with the attention on report cards!

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