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Friday, April 1, 2016

When principals are asked to evaluate teachers on "tech use"

George Couros' Tweet, on Thursday March 31,  "I always wonder when principals are asked to evaluate teachers on "tech use", who is evaluating the principals on their own understanding?" got thinking more about this particular topic.

Nowhere in the Ontario Leadership Framework or the Principals Performance Appraisal document does it make specific reference to technology or 21st Century Learning. Only in one area of is mentioned in the Self-Assessment tool for aspiring leaders--Leading The Instructional Program in the field of Demonstrates a deep knowledge of teaching and learning processes:

•Integrates technology to maximize student learning
• Ensures effective use of and appropriate access to information communication technology for students and staff

In the Teacher’s Performance Appraisal, reference to technology is in COMPETENCY #13--Teachers use appropriate technology in their teaching practices and related professional responsibilities:

• uses technology when appropriate to improve efficiency and effectiveness in planning, instructional delivery, reporting procedures, and decision making
• models and promotes effective use of technology to promote pupil learning
• demonstrates effective use of technology as it relates to school operations and board expectations

If our schools are to move forward with 21st Century learning, Principals need to lead with their own learning and should be evaluated in this area. Principals should make sure that technology is part of their Annual Growth Plan when being reviewed technology should be part of their Principal Performance Plan.

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