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Saturday, July 11, 2015

What Makes A Master Teacher

George Coruous re posting re-posting got me thinking about my second year of teaching about this same comment that my principal noted (April 18, 1991) on my probationary evaluation. This principal school was in her second year at the school too, but was a seasoned one who had experiences at both panels. For the record I had a 4/5 split with 32 students and they were 9 and 10.

At the end of the evaluation she commented, “This teacher’s willingness to participate in all phases of school life, and his dedication and hard work in teaching children are to his credit. His skills and talents are evident in his work and interrelationships with all the students in the school. His ability to work with children with computers is excellent, and worthy of special note.”

She furthered commented, “this teacher early in his career has the potential to be master teacher.”

However, there was no further comment how to reach this level and I went back to read over the other areas of the assessment. Without having to get into each of the strengths I have highlighted the worthy ones:

·         Other Teaching Experience
·         Professional Qualifications
·         Lessons
·         Personal Qualities (enthusiasm, initiative, rapport, ability to communicate)
·         Teaching Performance (subject knowledge, preparation, timing, objectives, questioning, overall effectiveness
·         Basic Strengths
·         Physical Elements
·         Records (Ministry Guidelines, LRP, Report Card Course Outlines, Lesson Plans, Student Notebook/Filed Work, Timetable, Seating            Plans, Register, Test Folder, Marks Record, Texts
·         General Contribution to the School (Extra Curricular, Leadership, Professional Development)

 7.  Ensures that “character education” is an essential part of learning - Character education is just as relevant, if not more so, than any learning objectives set out in a curriculum.,
8.  Passionate about the content they teach- If a teacher works in the area of math and LOVES the subject area,that passion will spill over to the students he/she works with. 
9.  A master teacher is a “school teacher” …have an impact on the school culture….It is important that teachers do not just build connections with students that they teach now, but with students they had in the past or may have in the future.

Recently I have been running into students who I have not seen in 20 years. It is so good to meet up with them as we get caught up with our personal lives.  They acknowledge fond memories they had in my classroom with the relationships we had built with them and their parents through sports, school trips, and after school visits. Character Education has an impact on the school culture and is lasting memory.

I work hard over the years establishing relationships with my school communities. I am very passionate about making students, parents, at teachers better and try to support them with the tools they need. I continue to learn every day and share my experiences as I hope it provides for growth for others.

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